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Anonymous Surfing Software Anonymus Free

Anonymous Surfing Software – free software that enables you to stay anonymous online.

Program assigns false IP-address to your computer what ensures confidentiality.

In some cases you need to preserve confidentiality while using Internet. When user hits Internet, his\her computer gets a unique IP-address. With IP-address you can identify location and user of computer which is surfing in Internet. In order to hide your presence in Internet, you can download Surf Anonymus Free Program.

Anonymous Surfing Software Description

Program window will display current location and actual IP of your computer. Also you will get a warning that at the moment your computer is not hidden and can be tracked.

At the bottom of the program window there are two buttons: Select IP and Choose False Location. By clicking the button to select location you will open a modal window with list of countries where you can connect to the Internet. Program will replace your real address with wrong address of selected country.

Once you have chosen the country, main window will display your real and false IP-addresses.

In the settings of Surf Anonymus Free you can set automatic replacement of false IP-address. In addition, you will be able to set the time interval replacement. More often change of IP-addresses occurs, the harder it is to track down the computer. Also in the settings, there is a section where you can enable or disable program for specific browsers.

Thus using simple and easy Surf Anonymus Free Program, you will be able to secure your confidentiality in the Internet and surf websites that are closed to users in other countries.

Technical specifications:

Version: Surf Anonymus Free
Status: Freeware
Language: English
Developer: Surf Anonymus
System: Windows All
Program size: 2.4 Mb

Download Surf Anonymus Free for free and without registration



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