Backup and Resotre Macrium Reflect

Backup and Restore Macrium Reflect Free 7.1 Free Download

Nowadays there are enough programs that work with hard disk image. One of such programs is Backup and Restore Macrium Reflect Free. It is a free version of the fast utility for creating a full backup of your system.


Macrium Backup and Restore Software Company released several versions of such software, versions are released under different licenses – ranging from free and ending with the most expensive one which is the server version with support of Exchange and SQL. Free version of this program does not support incremental backups.


Program is sufficient for private home use:

– Creating an image of the entire disc;
– Creating an image of a specific folders;
– Copying “on the fly”;
– Create bootable disks.

It is not a full list of program features.

Program is suitable not only for system administrators. Anyone who values data on the hard disk, and thus does not like to waste time, will appreciate program capabilities.

There is simple example. You have just installed operating system, configured it and installed all necessary software. The final stage of your computer’s settings is to create a disk image and record it. You can use either DVD or a separate partition on the hard drive, but then it is better to make it hidden. Later, in case of system failure, when nothing helps and you want to reinstall Windows, you can always do it “from backup” for 15-20 minutes. Thus, you will not spend few hours on installation of operating system and restoring all necessary software.

It also applies to inexperienced users. Instead of a regular Windows reinstallation it is enough to make an image from which system can be completely restored.

Utility works “on fly”, but sometimes there are situations when computer cannot load operating system. For such emergency, Macrium Reflect Program provides establishment of boot images. Disc copy, along with operating system boot files, is formed into a single .iso file which can then be “deployed” or to DVD, or flash drive.

Technical specifications:

Version: Macrium Feflect Free 7.1.2718
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Paramount Software UK Ltd.
System: Windows All
Program size: 3.6 Mb


Download Macrium Feflect Home 7.1 for free from official web-site



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