Comodo Dragon Browser

Download Comodo Dragon 58.0.3029.114 for free

Comodo Dragon 58.0.3029.114 – free fast browser which is built on Chromium engine (this engine is also used by Google Chrome Browser).

Comodo Dragon Browser Description

Comodo Dragon Browser interface looks quite similar to Google Chrome, these two browser are built on the same engine but still you can find some distinguishing features. Comodo Dragon Browser Menu you can find on the top of the left side. It is worth to notice that Comodo Dragon Browser is faster than Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Comodo Dragon also has some applications and it lets you to play games and so on. There is an application that lets you to download any video and audio files loaded from clipboard, with this application you can download any video/audio files from any web-page. Also with this browser you can manage videos play in YouTube.

Comodo Dragon Browser is much more secure due to the fact that it is developed by Comodo team that developed Comodo Antivirus. Please notice that browser takes more space on your computer due to its safety reasons.

You can download Comodo Dragon Browser from our web-site for free. Browser lets importing of tabs from other browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Technical specifications:

Version: Comodo Dragon 58.0.3029.114
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Comodo
System: Windows
Program size: 66.8 Mb

Download Comodo Dragon for free from official web-site


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