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Hotkey Manager AutoHotkey Free Download

Hotkey Manager AutoHotkey – free program for managing hotkeys on your pc.

Application creates and sets different commands to the keyboard buttons.

Each of us has certain actions he/she does on computer every day. Each user has its own lets say set of daily commands and actions. Some of users need set of hotkeys for the work purposes some for leisure use. For example you can launch all needed program and projects by pressing a single button. If you are a soft developer this utility is also useful, you launch the set of software you need for work with one button. AutoHotkey sets and manages hotkeys on your pc.

AutoHotkey Hotkey Manager Description

This soft simplifies and automates performance of different commands on a pc.

Program is not that simple that it seems. Application has its own encrypting code that sets the hotkeys. Your programs are bound to a certain key and thus you get a hotkey.

AutoHotkey also saves even those actions that are made by different devices (for example computer mouse). So your mouse will move by itself performing programmed actions.

AutoHotkey can set keys to perform any task on your pc. You can have a cup of tea or coffee while your computer carries out some tasks.

You can download this useful utility AutoHotkey absolutely for free using link below.

Technical specifications:

Version: AutoHotkey
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: AutoHotkey
System: Windows All
Program size: 2.9 Mb

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