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Internet Media Player Adobe Shockwave Player Free

Shockwave Player – is a new internet media player developed by the Adobe Company, program was designed to reproduce powerful media content. This player allows you to watch and enjoy interactive web content in your browser: online games, web applications – advertising and entertainment and a variety of business presentation.

Shockwave Player also plays Adobe Director developed content. You can easily enjoy streaming audio and video, educational applications of interactive products, multimedia games and the latest applications that use modern and exciting 3D-technology. Nowadays about 450 million users around the world are using the new Adobe Shockwave Player on their PC. It should have connection to the Internet and web browser. The main advantage of this player – is access to the best web capabilities: 3D- games, various interactive ways of interacting and educational applications.

What is the difference between the Shockwave Player and Flash Player?

Shockwave Player and Flash Player – are totally free programs developed by Adobe, which are used to display web content. Using both programs you can play any multimedia files. Flash Player allows fast loading of web applications, ensuring high return on multimedia files and elements of web sites. This internet media player displays specially designed for web sites content, including online training, e-merchandising, multi-media online files demonstrating various advertising content. Xtras Shockwave Player allows you to play an application made for a special order. New Player by Adobe is completely free. You can download Shockwave Player on our web-site, the installation of this package is simple and clear, so it is available to all Internet users.

Technical specifications:

Version: Shockwave Player
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Adobe
System: Windows All
Program size: 14 Mb

Download Shockwave Player for free and without registration


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