Laptop As a WiFi Router Connectify

Laptop As a WiFi Router Software Connectify Free

Laptop As a WiFi Router Software Connectify – free program for making your laptop operate as a Wi-Fi access point.

Laptop As a WiFi Router Software — Connectify Program Description

For using this program you do not need to possess special technical knowledge or skills. You just have to state broadcast type and set the password if necessary.

Connectify Program is developed for replacing Wi-Fi router. You can download program absolutely for free also note that version on paying basis is available. Program installation takes a minute. After installation you will see the Wi-Fi sign in the tray (neat the clock). After you have clicked on this sign you will see the main program window, there are two tabs: connection settings tab and notifications tab.

For Wi-Fi broadcast you should fill in several fields in the first tab. First of all – name of your network, your network name will look like “Connectify-“ and then you put your network name, so as the result you will get something like «Connectify-HomeNetwork». Field located right underneath is for inserting the password. Password depends on chosen Wi-Fi Broadcast type, but note that your password should contain not less than 5 symbols and not more than 8 symbols. The next filed is for choosing network adapter (please choose the one your computer uses for connecting to Internet). Below you can find settings of Wi-Fi access point. But first you need to choose adapter and then state Wi-Fi broadcast type. There are three types available: access point, point-point without password and point-point with password (WPA2 encryption). Access point ensures connection of several devices, point-point ensures connection of a single device.

Below you can see Connectify firewall settings, here you can turn off internet broadcast or deactivate access to your local network via created access point. Please note that these settings are available on paid version.

Then you press «Start Hotspot» button and that it is – your Wi-Fi access point is created.

Attention! For connecting Android devices via Connectify Program you need to have Windows 7 OS and newer systems. Windows XP is not able to connect Android devices.

Technical specifications:

Version: Connectify 2017.4.4.38725
Language: English
Status: Freeware
System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Program size: 12.5 Mb

Download Connectify for free from official web-site


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