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Lunascape Browser 6.15.1 Free Download

Lunascape Browser is a user-friendly web-browser with s a high working rate.

Browser developer is a Japanese company called Lunascape Corporation; therefore in addition to European languages Asian languages are also available.

An interesting feature of the Lunascape Browser is built on three engines: Gecko, Trident and WebKit. Gecko – is the Firefox browser engine, Trident – Internet Explorer browser engine, and WebKit – Safari and Google Chrome browsers engine. User can independently select an engine. In addition, when opening a particular page you can specify an engine you wish to use.

Lunascape Browser Features:

– ability to quickly switch between three engines;
– browser reports which engine is better for displaying a particular page;
– add-ons and plug-ins;
– protection against failure during the pages loading;
– texts and passwords auto-save;
– ability to change skins;
– importing bookmarks and settings from other browsers;
– pop-up blocker.

You can download Lunascape Browser from our web-site. Browser is free. Actually, this browser is just a successful project supported by the Japanese Government. It is interesting that Lunascape Corporation, which owns the copyright of this browser, was created three years after the program was released.

Since Lunascape supports multiple engines, this program is perfect for checking code compatibility with different browsers.  Moreover, web designer does not even need to close the page, it is enough to change the application mode. Browser is more convenient because of implemented possibility to work with podcasts and RSS, and it also recognizes the mouse “gestures”.

In general Lunascape Browser– is a worth competitor for such popular brands as Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Technical specifications:

Version: Lunascape 6.15.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Lunascape Corporation
System: Windows All
Program size: 128 MB

Download Lunascape 6.15.1 for free from official web-site


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