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Network Traffic Analyzer Wireshark 2.4.1 Free Download

Network Traffic Analyzer Wireshark 2.4.1 – application for network traffic analysis, it is a network utility with good functionality.

Program is distributed under free GNU GPL and nowadays is one of the most famous sniffers for the Internet.

Network Traffic Analyzer Wireshark Short Description

Wireshark is based on pcap library functions (Packet Capture) – it captures packets in LAN and provides their subsequent analysis. Application has a graphical user interface and is very popular with network administrators, developers of network programs and ordinary users. Program features can be briefly described as follows:

– Interception of network traffic
– Decoding the captured packets
– Packet filtering
– Dump recording
– Processing previously recorded files

Program does not generate network traffic and does not detect itself in the network.

Wireshark Program Installation

There are no difficulties to install program in Windows Operating System. In addition, developers released versions for FreeBSD, Linux and MacOS. During installation, except analyzer with a graphical user interface, you can install following utilities:

– Filter of “raw” Rawshark packages
– Program to work with Editcap saved dumps
– Text2pcap Converter
– Tshark Console analyzer

Analysis Features

Wireshark database contains various information about structure of network packets, number is much larger than what you can “grab” with pcap. Therefore, this program is not only for monitoring LANs, but also to analyze rare protocols – for example, LTE VoIP and others. Wireshark cannot directly “listen” such traffic, but to open saved dump in another application – it is easy!

Among program features there is also a packet filtering. You should understand that filters can operate at the stage of network “listening” – Capture filter, and phase analysis of the received dump – Display filter. These are two different modes of operation. In first case, if filter is installed in a wrong way you may lose information – application simply “does not write” those packets that do not meet the filter criteria. In second case, program writes all but “shows” only what can “pass” through the filter.

Technical specifications:

Version: Wireshark 2.4.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Wireshark Foundation
System: Windows All

Download Wireshark x86 from official web-site

Download Wireshark x64 from official web-site


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