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Download OSToto Hotspot for free

OSToto Hotspot – free program that lets you to make your computer as Wi-Fi access point.

With this program you can connect your phone or table to Internet via computer.

Nowadays mostly all families have tablet and frequently use it. Of course it is much more comfortable to surf Internet using a tablet but what to do if you do not have a Wi-Fi router at home? In this case you can make your computer as a Wi-Fi access point and connect all your devices to the Internet. For doing so you need to download OSToto Hotspot Program.

OSToto Hotspot Program Description

You can download this program for free and it does not consume much program resources. Program installation does not take a long time. You will definetely enjoy modern good looking interface.

After program installation you will be able to generate Wi-Fi simply using your computer. Program does not require special settings and additional manipulations from user side. You simply need to press “Start Transmission” and you can use Wi-Fi generated by your computer. So you can connect any device to newly generated Wi-Fi. If you want to restrict access to your Wi-Fi you can set the password. Also you can switch off the transmission any time you wish.

Please note that before you use the program you anyway need your computer to be connected to the Internet. And also note that your computer should have a built-in Wi-Fi modem.

Also OSToto Hotspot lets you to manage computer via mobile device. For doing so you need to download an additional software to your mobile device (both available: iOS and Android).

Technical specifications:

Version: OSToto Hotspot
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: OSToto
System: Windows 7,8,10
Program size: 9.4 Mb

Download OSToto Hotspot for free from official web-site


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  1. Linda Hubby

    OSToto Hotspot is amazing. Quite easy to creat a wifi hotspot. I could also to build a blacklist to make my internet safe. Good

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