Slim Browser For PC

Slim Browser For PC 8.00.002 Free Download

Slim Browser For PC– the fastest browser for Windows.

You are tired of searching for the faster browser? Pay attention to the SlimBrowser. It has a high speed. Developers have positioned this browser as the fastest browser for Windows.

From the very beginning of development, SlimBrowser was not supposed to be a browser. It was developed as an add for the Internet Explorer Browser. But with time, with releases of new Internet browsers popular Internet Explorer began to lose its popularity, so developers seriously started to think to create own browser which should be faster and more advanced than the standard Windows Browser. And after a while new SlimBrowser was released. It is written on Trident engine, Internet Explorer 11 also works on the same engine. Slim also supports tabbed-page interface.

Slim Browser Interface:

Browser interface is easy and simple and is really similar to IE. There are standard buttons forward / back, row to enter the URL and the line to enter a search query. A query can be forwarded to several search engines, due to the switch. SlimBrowser has different interface themes, so that its beauty depends only on your imagination.

Slim Browser For PC Features:

As already mentioned – Slim is very easy and fast browser. Because of this it can run very fast and instantly open the requested page. SlimBrowser can be translated into any language you select in the settings. Besides, it can translate the entire pages and also separate fragments that greatly simplifies surfing foreign sites.

For quick access to the web-sites which you visit most often bookmarks are provided. All visual bookmarks can be set up and there is an opportunity to block them.

SlimBrowser can block advertising and various pop-ups. Plus it hides most of the advertising banners and blocks with integrated AdBlock Function. And since advertising blocks will not be loaded- display speed of the page increases. Developers announce that SlimBrowser is for 10 times faster than other browsers. You can download it and compare it with your browser. The result will surprise you.

SlimBrowser also has a powerful download manager. It works like a torrent client allowing you to download files with the highest possible speed, unlike to others browsers’ download managers, and you also can stop and continue downloading after interruption. Moreover, it has a multi-threaded operating mode which allows you to download multiple files in high speed simultaneously.

Technical specifications:

Version: SlimBrowser 8.00.002
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: FlashPeak Inc.
System: Windows All
Program size: 3.9 Mb

Download SlimBrowser 8 for free and without registration



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