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TeamSpeak Voice Chat Windows Free Download

TeamSpeak Voice Chat is used for unification of group of people in personal channels. Basically, this voice chat is used by gamers. Use it if you want to support interaction within the unit or between units.

In many games, the function of voice channels is not realized, so the players use TeamSpeak or Skype for voice coordination of their activities. TeamSpeak voice chat is a free program and is working on the VoIP technology, for its work you will have to join one of the many free TeamSpeak servers, or set your own one. If you have a provider which does not provide a static IP address, please check what an IP address you have got, so that your comrades can connect using TeamSpeak Voice Chat.

You can restrict access on the server by password. In the program you can see who of the participants is speaking in TeamSpeak, the icon near the nickname changes. TeamSpeak supports the installation of statuses, as well as you can create separate channels on the server and easily move from one to another.

To talk through the TeamSpeak, you can assign a shortcut key, and when you have something to say, hold it on the keyboard and speak into the microphone, and the rest of the time sound will not be transmitted. In TeamSpeak you can block sound from any of the participants of the conference. For example leave to speak someone you need to hear at the moment, but several people speaking simultaneously drown each other.

Technical specifications:

Version: TeamSpeak 3.1.6 / TeamSpeak Server
Language: Engish
Status: Freeware
Developer: Ralf Ludwig
System: Windows All
Program size: 56.2 / 5.7 Mb

Download TeamSpeak 3.1.6 x86 for free without registration

Download TeamSpeak Server for free without registration


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