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Telegram App 1.1.18 for Windows Free Download

Telegram App 1.1.18 – free messenger developed by VKontakte Social Network Group.

Main feature of this application is its privacy, messages can be transmitted in encrypted form.

Just half a year ago, former CEO of VKontakte, presented his messenger which is analogue to WhatsApp and Viber for iOS on Android. And after some time Windows version was released.

Telegram App Description

You can download Telegram for free. It is free for any OS. Registration is carried out by using phone number that becomes your login in the Telegram system.Design of application is not much different from Viber. The left side of the window shows list of contacts and the right side displays all messages. Color scheme is the same as in Vkontakte. It is possible to change the background of your chat.

Telegram Messenger Features

Its main purpose – is communication through messages. This task messenger handles with tasks better than its competitors. You can create group chats. You can chart with up to 200 people. Thus, for example, you can configure communication between all employees.

Also, it is possible to send different files. Comparing to the competitors, you can send not only multimedia files, but also PDF, docs and many others.

For those contacts that annoy with their messages or spam there is a blacklist. When you add a user there, all his/her messages will be ignored. You can also hide your profile picture and status or show them only a certain group of people.

Telegram is the fastest messenger. Whole messaging history is stored on Telegram servers rather than on devices. This approach also provides security and privacy. In Telegram there is a setting that deletes your posts after a specified time. And since messages are stored on server, messages will be deleted by you and by your companion as well. For example, you set auto delete after 2 seconds. You send a message. Your friend reads it and after 2 seconds your message is deleted. Thus, you will be able to preserve confidentiality. This feature is unique and available only to Telegram users.

Technical specifications:

Version: Telegram 1.1.18
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Telegram
System: Windows All
Program size: 20.2 Mb

Download Telegram 1.1.18 for free from official web-site


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