Windows Processes Manager Process Lasso

Windows Processes Manager Process Lasso 9.0.0 Free

Windows Processes Manager Process Lasso 9.0.0 – is an application which is designed to manage system and software processes.

It improves efficiency, sustainability and stability of Windows. For the home use you can download this application for free.

Each Windows user will sooner or later face the problem of 100% CPU Usage. Typically, this is done by only several system processes. In most cases, they can be stopped manually by using Windows Task Manager. But in situations when the process cannot be stopped, that is the only thing do is to restart your computer. Therefore, you can use a Process Lasso special program in order to avoid such situations.

Process Lasso Windows Processes Manager Description

Application interface is simple. The main program window is horizontally divided into three parts. The upper part shows a graph of system load by one or another process. That is, you can visually observe the work process.

The middle part contains a table showing all processes running during the Windows work session. This table consists of a fields set. The main field – is the process name, process application, priority, CPU usage, memory usage, and virtual memory paging.

At the bottom stored processes logs are stored. It records all actions that processes produce. Also logs search is provided.

Process Lasso Utility Features

This system program allows you to manage all processes, even those that are hidden from Windows Task Manager. It allows you to do it manually and automatically. The essence of the Process Lasso Program is that utility monitors all running programs and applications and monitors the consumption of system resources. With excessive consumption utility can either disable an application or lower its priority to free up resources for other programs. Thus, the system becomes more efficient and to turn off processes

Process Lasso Program consumes less resource. It starts even before the launch of the operating system and has higher priority than all other system processes. It gives it an ability to manage even the processes that cannot be disabled by Manager Windows.

You can download Process Lasso for free only for the home use. In case you want to use it for commercial purposes – you need to register and purchase a license.

Technical specifications:

Version: Process Lasso
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Bitsum Technologies
System: Windows All
Program size: 1.8 / 2.0 Mb

Download Process Lasso 9 32-х for free from official web-site

Download Process Lasso 9 64-х for free from official web-site



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