1by1 Audio Player

Download 1by1 1.89 for free

1by1 1.89 – free simple audio player.

Player does not contain playlists and other additional settings, but it can play audio files from different folders on your computer.

There are lots of audio players and more or less they are all the same. In order to listen to music you have to create a play list and then audio player will play your favorite songs. Each player contains lots of additional settings that most users do not use or rarely use. If you need a simple audio player – we recommend to download 1by1.

1by1 Program Description

This MP3-player plays music without any playlists. It is very easy to use such player, it simply has a searching function that scans your computer and finds mostly all  audio files located in folders, other drive and other drive partitions. If you just want to listen to your favorite music and you do not need a sophisticated player – download easy audio player – 1by1.

Also 1by1 Player memorizes the last played audio file and exactly when audio file has been paused. There is also a tabs system which is easy to use. You can simply mark the place you want to pause an audio file, it is nice to have such function when you are listening to audio books.

Also player analyses volume stream, if volume goes up and down player makes it smooth so you still can enjoy the play of your favorite songs and tracks.

Technical specifications:

Version: 1by1 1.89
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Mpesch3
System: Windows
Program size: 186 Кb

Download 1by1 1.89 for free and without registration


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