Ace Stream Media Application

Download Ace Stream Media 3.1.11 for free

Ace Stream Media – is an application for playing and sharing multimedia content such as video or audio files.

Main feature of the program is that it handles files of popular BitTorrent protocol. Also with this program you can watch online torrent broadcast which is called Torrent TV. Ace Stream helps you to watch video files online. It also works with audio files.

Program Description

Torrent Stream consists of modules that perform different functions. It contains TS Engine, which takes over multimedia data streams management. Also, there is a special version of VLC player for watching torrent TV videos. Ace Stream Media includes plug-ins for Chrome and Fifefox that allow to watch different torrent network files.

Ace Stream Media Features

Essence of the torrent network is that all the data is divided into streams and for speeding up downloading or uploading program uses combination of multiple sources streams. Thus, you can watch online broadcast without brakes and interrupts.

In addition, with this application you can watch and play back video and audio files on various torrent trackers and forums. It also has a system of comments, so that you can view rating of materials on trackers.

Ace Stream Media Program allows you to broadcast/online video streams in high rotation. Therefore, you can watch the online broadcast live channels in excellent quality. For example, you might watch a soccer game. Ace Torrent Stream is integrated into the browser what allows you to watch streaming video from the site.

Technical specifications:

Version: Ace Stream Media 3.1.11
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: AceStream
System: Windows All
Program size:  78.5 / 78.5 Mb

Download Ace Stream Media 3.1.11 (vlc 1.1.12) for free without registration

Download Ace Stream Media 3.1.11 (vlc 2.0.5) for free without registration


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