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Antibanner and Phishing Filter Adguard 6.0 Free Download

Antibanner and Phishing Filter Adguard 6.0 – it is a simple lock for banner ads and phishing pages. Program can block commercial adds on Youtube.

Free antivirus rarely blocks advertising on the websites. This functionality is usually available to those who purchased license.  If you want to get rid of advertising on the websites – download Adguard.

Antibanner and Phishing Filter Adguard Description

First, after you have installed the program you will be asked to go through settings. It is about various functions and interlocks (to switch them on/off). You also can create your personal account in Adguard, you will just need a password and email address. After installation you can configure all components again, if something was missed during installation.

In the main window there is a large button for easy protection switching on/off. Below there are tabs with the program components: antibanner, phishing filter and parental control.

Program Features

This program is not antivirus. Basically it works like a powerful antibanner. Adguard blocks almost all advertising on websites, ranging from conventional static banners to interactive flash-banners and built-in video advertising. Program protects you and your family from malicious and fraudulent websites.

With Parental Control Function you can restrict access to inappropriate content for children. Also it will issue a warning if a site ranking and reputation in Adguard is low.

You can download Adguard Program for free, it works in all known browsers today. Due to the pop-up, advertising and banners blocker this antibanner saves your traffic and reduces page load time.

Technical specifications:

Version: Adguard 6.0
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Adguard
System: Windows All
Program size: 0.15 Mb

Download Adguard 6.0 for free from official web-site


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