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Autorun Manager Autorun Organizer 2.15 Free Download

Autorun Organizer 2.15 – free autorun manager for Windows OS. Program has many advantages comparing to standard autorun managers.

Most probably all of us know what autorun is. It is an automatic start of programs (in a background mode) after the OS is launched. When you turn on computer you still should wait some time even though OS is already loaded. While the time you are waiting for the moment you can start working on a computer, programs that are on a background mode are being loaded. Usually we even do not know which programs are being loaded. In order to manage programs autorun you need to download a manager, such program as Autorun Organizer.

Autorun Manager Description

Autorun Organizer is absolutely free. This program is much better than standard Windows manager. With Autorun Organizer you can visually appraise the load on OS and manager loading speed. Program provides you with diagrams where you can compare programs among themselves.

You can exclude some programs from the autostart. When you exclude any program you increase the speed of OS loading.

Also Autorun Organizer allows you to make an order of programs autorun. For example you can set program in a way that the most important or big programs are being loaded first, what also significantly economize your time.

You can download Autorun Organizer for free on our web-site. This program will optimize and speed up computer.

Technical specifications:

Version: Autorun Organizer 2.15
Status: Freeware
Language: English
Developer: Chemtable Soft
System: Windows
Program size: 2.4 Мb

Download Autorun Organizer for free from official web-site


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