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Avant Browser 2017 Windows Free Download

Avant Browser 2017 is designed to work in the Internet, it is a browser that supports three engines: Gecko, Microsoft Trident and WebKit.

Gecko engine is the basis for Firefox, WebKit – is for Google Chrome, and Microsoft Trident – is for Internet Explorer. Thus, the program combines the capabilities of several browsers.

Avant Browser is considered to be a viable alternative to the well-known Opera Browser: both browsers are the same, however, Avant is able to work on multiple platforms and therefore is regarded as more modern. Other advantages of Avant Browser include such features:

– ability to use plug-ins and settings for Internet Explorer;
– ability to control the loading of media information. For example, in “Tools” menu there are buttons which allow you to disable or enable the playback of video and audio, animation, different scenarios;
– increased speed;
– function to store pages in a normal web format, as well as screenshots or prints of selected area;
– pop-up and banner ads blocker;
– ability to switch to a particular engine, depending on the properties of the displayed page;
– support for mouse “gestures”;
– opportunity to change the skins;
– saving function alias addresses: each page can be assigned to a “hot key”.

Avant Browser has two versions: Lite and Ultimate. The Lite Version contains only the Internet Explorer engine, and Ultimate contains engines of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. There is also Avant Browser USB, which allows you to transfer data to a USB flash drive. This portable version of the program is ideal for working on multiple computers. You can download all versions of the application from our web-site.

Avant Force Company (browser developer) offers users to download utilities that can facilitate the work in the Internet. These applications are positioned as bonus extras.

Avant Browser – is a modern program that can compete with the popular browsers developed by large corporations. Browser does not yield, and even surpasses such browsers as Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others.

Technical specifications:

Version: Avant Browser 2017 build 11
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Avant Browser
System: Windows All
Program size: 4.3 / 81.1 / 81.5 MB

Download Avant Browser (Lite) for free from official web-site

Download Avant Browser (Ultimate) for free from official web-site

Download Avant Browser (Portable) for free from official web-site


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