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How to register Avast? We are approached with this question by many people who are experiencing difficulties after installing Avast Antivirus. Thus Avast Antivirus Registration Guide has been prepared.Most users think that after installing Avast! Free Antivirus they can work and update it for free any time they want to. But it does not work in this way. You can use free version of antivirus for 30 days, afterwards you will not be able to update it. Please go through registration and you will be able to carry on using and updating your antivirus.

At the beginning:
At first, download antivirus here: Avast 2015 Free Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Registration Guide:

1. After installation of antivirus you need to start it up and go to “Settings”

Avast-registration 1


2. Then proceed to “Registration

Avast-registration, Registration

3. Then choose Offline Registration and go to Registration Form

Avast-registration, Registration Form

Avast-registration, Registration Form

4. Then you will see a web-site where you go through registration. Please fill in the form. You should state a valid e-mai. You will receive a code per e-mail. Sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes, so it is not immediately.

Avast-registration, Registering

5. After you received a code, please go to “Settings” and choose “Insert the license key”

Avast-registration, Insert the License Key


6. Please enter your license key

Avast-registration, Entering License Key

7. Congratulations! You have just registered your antivirus for a year!

Avast-registration, Subscription

Use this link in order to start your registration with Step 4 (Registration Form).


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