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Batch Image Editor Image Tuner 6.0 Free Download

Batch Image Editor Image Tuner 6.0 – free software to work with images. This program allows you to edit and change large amount of images and you can do so simultaneously.

People often post photos in social networks. But nowadays cameras take photos of high quality and thus those are big sized and it takes a long time to download them. Also when you need to transfer photos to your mobile phone – you also need to resize photos. In order not to adjust photos one by one manually you can use this program and edit them simultaneously.

Batch Image Editor Image Tuner Features

Basic and main feature of this program is simultaneous editing of large amount of images. In upper part of the program window there is a button called “Play” which initiates such editing. During editing process you will see a modal form which displays editing progress.

So what can you do with images using Image Tuner? In the right part there is a block which displays images in mini form and bellow there are editing tools. First what you have to do is to choose a folder for saving edited images.

Then you will have an access to category called “Size Changing”. Here you can resize your images. You can choose the size displayed in percents or pixels. You also can save initial size of the image. There are also already adjusted sizes – for example appropriate image sized for Facebook and other social networks.

Next function is useful for bloggers and photographers. It is a water sign. You can set its transparency. Then you should choose the place for it: left or right upper corner, left or right lower corner or it can be center of image. Also you can set up padding-axis X or Y.

Image Tuner also can convert images into Jpeg format. Also you can apply different effect to the image.

Technical specifications:

Version: ImageTuner 6.0 
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Glory Logic
System: Windows ALL
Program size: 1.9 Mb

Download Image Tuner for free from official web-site


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