BitComet Torrent Client

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BitComet 1.42 – free client for BitTorrent downloads.

Program is developed for increasing the speed of downloads via torrent.

Nowadays torrent nets are very popular. We download movies, games, music and other files using torrent clients. Usually such files are quite big and that’s why standard torrents face problems to download them and it takes lots of time. BitComet Program is developed to simplify and enhance downloading speed of big size files.

BitComet Program Description

Fast and powerful BitComet Torrent-Client with similar interface to other analogue programs. Interface is divided into several parts. Main windows displays downloads, quantity is not limited.

This client lets you to enhance downloading speed via torrent, also program can resurrect “dead” torrent which are not loaded anymore or lost their links. You can download files using torrent-files and also using magnet-links – it will save some space on your computer.

BitComet contains a preview function. That means that before you download any file you can preview it, for example you want to download a movie but in order not to waste time (maybe you will not like it) you can watch of movie fragment to understand its quality and would you like to watch it or not.

Also BitComet intellectually optimizes connection. It means that program automatically defines Internet connection and sets itself according to its connection by using optimal settings individually for connection you have. It also helps to enhance and increase loading speed of Internet.

Technical specifications:

Version: BitComet 1.42
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: BitComet
System: Windows All
Program size: 15.4 / 15.4 Mb

Download BitComet 1.42 x32 for free without registration

Download BitComet 1.42 x64 for free without registration


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