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Brackets Code Editor 1.6 Free Download

Brackets Code Editor 1.6 – is an excellent tool by Adobe Company. With livecoding function you do not have to reload page during layout.

Brackets Program Description

Text editor interface can be set up according to your preferences. There are standard interface themes. Each theme changes look of editing code window. It changes background and syntax highlighting. There are light and dark themes. By default, all open files and folders are grouped in the left panel, but they can be placed in tabs form over an open file which is being edited. So you can adjust program in a way you are comfortable.

Brackets Features

This text editor developed with web technologies and has all their benefits. Program is cross-platformed. So you can run Brackets Code Editor on any platform – Windows, Linux or Mac.

Brackets Program has built-in Color Picker to specify the color during layout. Code completion is carried out quickly, and there is also a system of auto-complete file paths and images.This will save you a lot of time and eliminates the search for necessary files into folders. Plus, there is a snippet to insert lorem ipsum.

Also, in addition to built-in functions you can extend Brackets functionality with plug-ins. In a small vertical column on the right side there is an icon similar to lego element. Clicking on it you will open a modal window with a list of all available plug-ins. Installation takes only few seconds by pressing a button.

Probably the most important and distinctive feature is a livecoding function which displays all changes in the code directly on a web page. To run it you need to click on the icon in the form of lightning in the right editor panel. This opens a file browser for live viewing.

You can download Brackets Text Editor for free. It is good for each day use.

Technical specifications:

Version: Brackets 1.6
Status: Freeware
Language: English
Developer: Adobe
System: Windows
Program size: 36.7 Mb

Download Brackets 1.6 for Windows for free


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