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Clip2Net 2.3.3 – free program that will help you to easily take a screenshot and pass it to your friends as an image web-link.

Program also provides simple interface that allows you to insert different elements to the screenshot, such as text, lines, geometric shapes and so on.

Users often face situation when they need to take a screenshot and additionally explain it. But in Windows, this feature is implemented quite badly and to use Photoshop every time you need to describe screenshot is quite uncomfortable. Therefore, for this purpose you can use Clip2Net Program.

Program Features and Description

Clip2Net Program Interface is beautiful and simple. Main window contains several tabs that replace usual menu. First tab is profile. To use this program you must create an account on the Clip2Net Server. You need such account in order to download screenshots to the server and to be able to send only image links. It allows you to quickly and easily share screenshots, for example in social networks.

Also there are basic settings and hot keys including server tab which is available only for owners of prepaid version. This version gives you an access directly to FTP-server, plus small amount of disk space in the cloud.

After installation program goes to tray and runs out when you double-click the mouse. Then you can select the way to capture the screenshot. It can be an arbitrary part of the screen or an active window. When you finally have made a screenshot, interface opens an editing window.

Editing includes such tools: text, comment, numbering, line, rectangle, ellipse, putty, pencil, blurring and image cropping. So with such tools you can create informative screenshot.

Technical specifications:

Version: Clip2Net
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Clip2Net
System: Windows All
Program size: 5.8 MB

Download Clip2Net for free from official web-site


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