Download Free Color Determinant Color Mania 5.1

ColorMania 5.1 – is a program for color determination.

Click on the color and find it’s encoding in different views: RGB, HEX, HSB, CMYK and others. You can also choose a color from a variety of color palettes.

Designers or webmasters often have to deal with various images. Sometimes it is necessary to determine the used color. You can select it manually using online services such as Yandex-color. But it is not quite precise since each person perceives color differently. Color Mania Application gives you an ability to accurately determine the color just in 1 second.

Color Mania Design

Application has simple design. A large number of different controls are located on the main window. Actually the Color Mania functionality is put on the main screen for the quick access.

Application window is divided into 8 regions, each represents a specific feature.

Color Mania Functionality

The first thing that catches your eye is a small colored square with an inscription. It is used to show the font and text color of the background. That is, you select text font, font size and color and look if it is combined with the background.

Below there is a drop-down list with the color concepts. There is also a field which displays the actual performance. There are two more buttons. One copies color code and the other one sets it.

Behind them there is a customized color palette. After defining a number of colors and their codes you can save them in a palette for quick access. In the main window, there are only 6 cells to store colors. This is enough to create a great design.

On the right side there is an icon with the pipette image. This is the most important tool of Color Mania. It is used for color determination. You just take your mouse and drag it on the color you want to define. Then you get the color code in several different views.

Color Mania Program is simple, easy and can be downloaded for free.

Technical specifications:

Version: Color Mania 5.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: BlackSun Software
System: Windows All
Program size: 1.1 Mb

Download Color Mania 5.1 for free and from official web-site


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