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Disc SpeedUp – free program to clean the hard drive, enhance its performance and disable fragmentation.

Program has very friendly and good looking interface.

Sooner or later Windows users get know what fragmentation is and what it is for. For those users who do not know it should be clarified that Windows OS uses file system with many disadvantages comparing to other file systems. And one of such disadvantages is that with time all files become fragmented. So files are divided as allocations units located far from each other on the drive, and when system refers to fragmented file it spends time on searching and processing all units on the disk. System does not spend that much time on this process but you should know that a single program uses thousand files and so now you can understand that fragmentation is not that good. That’s why there are some programs that defragment hard drive and gather files closer to each other. One of such program is Disc SpeedUp by Glarysoft.

Disc SpeedUp Program Description

Application has nice and intuitive interface. On the top you can find a table with local disks list and shot information about them. Control panel for manipulations to a certain local disk or for all of them at the same time is located right underneath. Below you can see a net with differently colored squares that visually show you fragmented units.

Big advantage of Disc SpeedUp is its operating speed. Program carries out scanning and processing much faster than its analogue programs. If you download and edit lots of files most probably that your hard drive is fragmented quite much. In this case you need regular optimization, and as you should optimize disk quite often because operating speed plays a big role.

At the end worth to say that software by Glarysoft is safe, stable and reliable. If you need good and reliable program for defragmenting the hard drive we recommend to download Disc SpeedUp Program.

Technical specifications:

Version: Disc SpeedUp
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Glarysoft
System: Windows
Program size: 5.2 Mb

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