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Download DuckCapture 2.7 for free

  • DuckCapture 2.7 – program for capturing screenshots.

Wiith this program you can make web-sites screenshots in a full screen mode.

DuckCapture Program has really comfortable interface and also provides you with different ways of making screenshots. You can take a screenshot from computer screen at any time with no matter what you are doing at the moment: playing game or surfing Internet, reading or watching photos.

DuckCapture Program Description and Features

After installation utility is places to the tray (next to the clock in Windows). You can open it with double mouse click.

DuckCapture Program provides several options for taking screenshots: screen site selection (rectangular), screen site selection (polygonal), removal of screens with a specific window, full screen mode, as well as screenshots of the website (scrolling).

Rectangular screen area selection is not different from similar programs. When you click on this tool, entire screen dims and only area for the screenshot is visible. After area selection user is able to choose the way of image saving.

One of the highlights of this utility is ability to take a polygonal screenshot. All actions are performed as by using the previous tool, but here user puts the points by which a screenshot will be cut.

Also with DuckCapture Program gives you ability to take a full screen screenshot. In case you need it you can capture a whole web-site with this utility. Program automatically scrolls web page and makes few screenshots and then glues them and you get a full screenshot of the site. Also there is a delay feature when scrolling down the web-site, it is needed in case user has a low speed Internet.

Technical Specifications:

Version: DuckCapture 2.7
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: DuckLine Software
System: Windows All
Program size: 5.9 Mb

Download DuckCapture for free from official web-site


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