EVGA Precision Program

Download EVGA Precision X 5.3.10 for free

EVGA Precision X 5.3.10 – free program for setting NVidia Video Cards parameters.

All gamers and not only they face situation when video card parameters are not appropriate for the game or any other purposes. First solution is to buy a new video card, and second one is to change video card parameters and for doing so you can use EVGA Precision X.

EVGA Precision XProgram Description

Program gives you access to all video card parameters and settings and its cooling system. You can accelerate or slow down cooler rotation speed, change video card processor clock, managing processing engine and other settings that can help you to reach the most efficient and effective way of video card work.

You can use this program with following cards: GTX200, GTX 400, GTX 500, GTX 600, GTX 700 and also NVidia Titan. Please note that EVGA Precision X cannot be used for setting mobile phones videos card that are set in notebook or netbook.

The main function of EVGA Precision X is maintenance support and ability to create several profiles that save certain video cards settings. It means that you can create separate profiles, for example first profile will be for the most demanding video card, second one is for average game and third one is for normal daily work. But please note that you can create up to 10 different profiles not more.

Attention! Please be careful with video card settings! If you are not sure how to change settings in the right way you can harm computer system in general.

Web-site administration and developers are not responsible for possible harm due to not appropriate use of EVGA Precision X Program.

Technical specifications:

Version: EVGA Precision X
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: EVGA
System: Windows All
Program size: 32.4 MB

Download EVGA Precision X 5.3.10 for free


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