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Download Facebook Messenger 2.0.9 for free

Facebook Messenger 2.0.9 – free messenger developed by Facebook Social Network.

With this messenger you can chart with your friends and you do not need to log in Facebook or even open a browser.

Nowadays we all communicate and work in Internet. Facebook Company developed an independent messenger which is much more convenient for communication than charting in social network, for using this messenger you do not even need to open a browser.

Facebook Messenger Program Description

Messenger is created for charting with Facebook users, but messenger exists as an independent application. It is quite comfortable cause any news and updates of your friends can interrupt you while charting.

Also in Facebook Messenger you can see all the updates of you friends in Facebook, so it can totally replace you social network.

You can install Facebook Messenger on different devices, Messenger is suitable for Windows, WindowsPhone, MACOS, iOS, Linux and Android. Also when you use messenger you are online in Facebook.

Technical specifications:

Version: Facebook Messenger 2.0.9
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Facebook
System: Windows All
Program size: 55.9 Mb

Download Facebook Messenger 2.0.9 for free without registration


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