Fanurio Time Tracker

Download Time-Tracker – Fanurio 3.1.1 for free

Fanurio 3.1.1 – free time-tracker that lets you to keep under control your daily working time.

Program calculates your income and prepares bills.

Labor productivity is one of the most important indicator of employee work effectiveness. Nowadays many companies use time-management for enhancing their employees work effectiveness. One of the time-management tools is so called time-tracking. Time-tracking is the system for calculating the time spent on performing the work. Often such system is used by managers to understand importance of employee and also to detect his or her salary per hour. Fanurio Program is free time-tracker which can be used by companies and also by freelancers.

Fanurio Program Description

In most cases Fanurio is used by freelancers due to the fact that it is easy to calculate quantity of spent time on completing the project and also program prepares bills. You state the price of one working hour in the settings, then you simply switch the time-tracker every time you work on the project and so program calculates the time you spent on work. Then program calculates hours spent on work and multiply them on the price of your working hour and afterwards you will automatically get ready bill for your customer.

Fanurio Program analyzes the work and your spent time. Program also contains filters that automatically appraise all your work data.

Fanurio Program interface is quite simple. The top part is occupied by control buttons and timekeeper. On the left side there are columns displaying the list of your customers and their projects. On the right side you can see the main table where all data is recorded.

It is quite simple to understand how much time you spend on your work, when you start the work again you simply click on the icon and start the new working time period.

Technical specifications:

Version: Fanurio 3.1.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Fanurio
System: Windows
Program size: 20 MB

Download Fanurio 3.1.1 for free from official web-site


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