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File Searcher SearchMyFiles 2.67 Free Download

File Searcher SearchMyFiles 2.67 – free program for files searching on your computer.

Program has much more functions than standard Windows Search. Program enables search not only by file name but by other parameters as well.

Windows OS provides us with not the best file searching, even in latest OS versions file searching is not effective. For comfortable and fast file searching we recommend to use third-party software and it can be SearchMyFiles Program.

File Searcher SearchMyFiles Description

Such third-party program provides you with great range of functions for file searching. You can search files not only by the name but also by other parameters and file content.

You can search file by its creation date, made changes, date of file opening, its size and content. You can set a combination of parameters what makes file searching process even easier.

Main advantage of SearchMyFiles Program is first of all simplicity in use and program operating speed. There is also a disadvantage and it is program interface, it is quite complicated. For downloading SearchMyFiles please use the links below.

Technical specifications:

Version: SearchMyFiles 2.67
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Nir Softer
System: Windows All
Program size: 99.7 / 130 Kib

Download SearchMyFiles 2.67 32-х for free from official web-site

Download SearchMyFiles 2.67 64-х for free from official web-site


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