Free IDE for PHP CodeLobster

Free IDE For PHP Codelobster PHP Edition 5.8.1

Free IDE For PHP CodeLobster Edition 5.8.1 – free full IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to create projects in PHP Language.

This application is useful for web-developers due to support of HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and other languages and frameworks.

Nowadays there are lots of different IDE programs. But most of them are on paying basis and some of there are extremely expensive. Of course you always can use simple text editors such are Notepad++ but usually such application provide basic functionality. There are no code refactoring or other important features for the IDE. One of freeware IDE soft is CodeLobster PHP Edition.

CodeLobster Free IDE For PHP Description

This integrated development environment is oriented to PHP language. There is a full support for PHP language syntax. Each new version contains upgrades and provides support of other languages such as Ruby. CodeLobster enables to set syntax highlighting according to your wishes. There are also already prepared visual styles.

On the top there is a tool panel where you can find the most important quick keys. You can adjust program to your preferences, to add/exclude any element. CodeLobster PHP Edition  also supports HTML and here you can find text formatting tools and function to add new elements to the page. It can be links, tables, lists, comments, images and other elements of web-page.

CodeLobster can work with files with different coding. Coding type is displayed below in the status line. You can also convert files from one coding to another.

CodeLobster PHP Edition provides an excellent system of code autocompletion. There is a great variety of snippets for simplifying code writing.

This IDE also has a built-in browser. So while editing a web-page you can view it any time in the browser of CodeLobster. By the way you do need to update web-page any time you edit it CodeLobster PHP Edition will do everything for you.

Technical specifications:

Version: CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.8.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Codelobster
System: Windows All
Program size: 32.6 Mb

Download CodeLobster PHP Edition 5.8.1 Free


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