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Free Notes Manager AllMyNotes Organizer 2.84 Download

Free Notes Manager AllMyNotes 2.84 – free software for creating notes.

This organizer will help you not to forget any important date or event. With such organizer you become more punctual and responsible.

Nowadays we are all busy and stuffed with different meetings, events, tasks and other things. Unfortunately we are not able to keep everything in our minds. It is quite easy to solve this problem by using organizers and keep all information instead of you and help you to be active and successful. Here we will talk about AllMyNotes Organizer.

Free Notes Manager Description

This program creates, saves and keeps notes. With such application you can have your own diary for writing your ideas, store different data and so on. You can also schedule your time to be more effective and achieve high goals.

Interface is quite simple, it looks similar to Windows OS File System. On the left side you will see block where your virtual notebook and its sections are displayed. For example: notebook named as current year or a month where you can have such sections as finance, addresses, new ideas, tasks, project 1, project 2 and so on. In each section you can create notes, folders and also group those. On the side block you can see your notes content. Folders with notes are displayed also here. On the top you will see tools panel for copying, cutting, pasting, deleting etc.

AllMyNotes Organizer provides backup system. So you should not stress yourself that your data can be lost or damaged. You just need to do backups in time.

AllMyNotes Organizer also protects your personal data. You just set the password and nobody else can view and access your information.

You can download AllMyNotes Organizer absolutely for free using link below.

Technical specifications:

Version: AllMyNotes Organizer 2.84
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Vladonai
System: Windows All
Program size: 4.6 Mb

Download AllMyNotes Organizer 2.84 Free


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