Free Screen Capture Tool Joxi

Free Screen Capture Tool Joxi 3.0.12 Download

Free Screen Capture Tool Joxi 3.0.12 – program for taking screenshots and editing them.

It allows you to add signature arrows, make selections using a rectangle or a circle on a screenshot. You can publish screenshots in social networks immediately after those have been taken.

Often, while working on computer we have to take screenshots. Need for them may occur for various reasons, for example – you need to send an error to technical support and so on. But if you frequently use screenshots, most probably you spend much time on it. Joxi Program saves your time and allows you to edit screenshots as soon as screenshots are created.

Free Screen Capture Tool Features

Joxi tool is very useful for taking screenshots. To make a screenshot you should click on Joxi icon and hold down the mouse button, then select the area of the screen that you want to make as a screenshot. After that you get a screenshot editing and control panel.

Editing panel allows screenshots hot editing before saving it to the computer. Panel includes following elements: movement, pencil, line, arrow, text, circle, rectangle, blur, numbering, browser page screenshot, slider color picker and line width.

With “pencil” tool you can draw arbitrary curves on your screenshot. If you need to underline something you can use a “line” tool. This tool draws only straight lines. With “arrow” tool you can point out the most important elements in the screenshot.

There is very important tool called “blur”. With this tool you will be able to hide confidential information which is possibly shown on the screenshot.

This program also gives you possibility to take screenshots with different quality. Quality of the screenshot can be set in the settings. It economizes memory on your computer. Plus, you will get 1024 MB of cloud storage for your screenshots after you go through Joxi registration.

Joxi Program is free. But there is also a version which you can use on a paying basis. It includes bigger cloud storage, increases size of uploaded files, no ads and you get direct links to the screenshots.

Technical specifications:

Version: Joxi 3.0.12
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Joxi
System: Windows All
Program size: 22.0 Mb

Download Joxi 3.0.12 for free from official web-site


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