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Free Text Editor Windows RJ TextEd 11.0 Download

RJ TextEd 11.0 – free text editor Windows.

RJ TextEd is a useful tool for web-developers and programmers due to functions of full IDE.

Free Text Editor Windows has been developed in 2004. Languages are used – Object Pascal or Delphi. This editor has won several awards, those are «Excellence Award», «Best Freeware» and others, despite the fact that is was developed by a single programmer Rickard Jonasson.

RJ TextEd Program Description

RJ TextEd, previously was designated as RJ, is powerful text editor and code editor with Unicode support. It is good optimized for web developing and supports PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, ASP and other web technologies. As many other editors RJTextEd has a function of auto complete that automatically completes a word instead of you. It greatly economizes your time.

There is also a code syntax highlighting. Depending on programming language you can set up highlighting. Also you can change background color and set different themes. So you can personalize your editor in a way you prefer.

There are also such functions as code rolling out and document map. Code rolling out is for getting a single line instead of huge function. It is useful in case you know for sure that you will rare use this certain code block. Document map is a block which consists of document text but it has really small font size. It is that small so that you can see the whole document at one glance.

RJ TextEd also has a FTP-Client. You can connect to FTP-Server via FTP and SFTP protocols. So you can immediately share files with server. Also you can synchronize your files via FTP, so that immediately after editing – files on server are automatically updated.

Technical specifications:

Version: RJ TextEd 11.0
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Rickard Janasson
System: Windows All
Program size: 89.5 Mb

Download RJ TextEd for free from official web-site


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