Game Maker Studio Application

Download Game Maker Studio 1.4.1763 for free

Game Maker Studio 1.4.1763 – program for creating cross-platform games for the computers and mobile devices.

Program has comfortable and nice interface.

Nowadays all things are getting simpler to understand and develop. Some time ago developing process was taking lots of time, today it can take just several hours or even several minutes. More than that you should not have some specific knowledge to develop programs, you can easily do so with modern programs. Modern programs let you to create web-sites and even complicated calculative programs. Game Maker Studio is developed for professional and inexperienced users who want to create own games.

Game Maker Studio Program Description

As it was stated above Game Maker Studio is mainly developed for computer games developers. Also program eliminates manual coding, so not everybody will like this program. You should understand that program will not free you from coding and algorithm developing so you should think that you will simply construct the game.

Game Maker Studio interface is quite simple. On the left side there is an explorer displaying files and folders that belong to the current process. The whole right side is for creating game elements.

Game Maker Studio Program is cross-platfom. You can develop games for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Also you can integrate all your developed games with Steam.

If you like to develop games and possess some basic knowledge in program developing Game Maker Studio is for you. You can download Game Maker Studio from official web-site using our web-site.

Technical specifications:

Version: Game Maker Studio 1.4.1763
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: YoYo Games
System: Windows
Program size: 115 Mb

Download Game Maker Studio for free from official web-site


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