Games Cheat Codes for PC Chemax

Games Cheat Codes for PC Chemax 17.7 Free Download

Games Cheat Codes for PC Chemax 17.7 – is currently the largest base of cheat codes and passwords for popular games. Simple and easy to use interface, small size of Chemax Program and lots of games.

There are no hints in the Chemax Database (Games Cheat Codes for PC), there are only cheat codes, hex-cheats and passwords. During six years of hard work codes and passwords for the games in the last 10 years have been collected.

Not to search for the codes and passwords to games all over the Internet, just download and install Chemax Program on your computer, and you always will have the codes base to a huge number of games.

Technical specifications:

Version: Chemax 17.7
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Chemax
System: Windows
Program size: 2.8 Mb


Download Chemax 17.7 for free from official web-site



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