GlassWire Firewall

Download GlassWire 1.1.39 free

GlassWire 1.1.39 – free multifunctional program to monitor your computer activity in network.

Also program checks network safety and computer protection against viruses.

It is already clear that the biggest threats computer gets from the network, and it does not matter whether net is local or global. For computer protection you better use firewalls that monitor all connections and do not let spyware and viruses get your computer. One of such programs you can use for free is GlassWire.

GlassWire Program Description

One of the main GlassWire Firewall advantages is that utility can track such things that you cannot physically check. For example different programs and services operate in background mode and perform different tasks and manipulations without letting user know about them. Such programs can install spyware and other harmful software. GlassWire protects computer against all types of malware that come from the net.

When GlassWire detects any kind of malware it immediately lets you know about it by sending you notifications that you can see in the right computer screen corner, above the tray zone. When notification has been received you can make choice: to block or stop program operation. So with this utility you always will be aware what programs can be dangerous for your computer and what connections are not safe.

GlassWire has graphical interface where you can see activity of all programs and connections check. Good looking colorful interface is quite simple and intuitive.

Technical specifications:

Version: GlassWire 1.1.39
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: GlassWire
System: Windows
Program size: 20.9 MB

Download GlassWire 1.1.39 for free from official web-site


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