Green Cloud Printer

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Green Cloud Printer – free program for saving paper and printer ink.

Program lets to deactivate printing pages that contain for example a single link, single line or part of unneeded text.

All people who print web-sites or some content from web-sites face the problem with printing, most probably you have noticed when you print out a web-site the first printed out page contains useful information and the second one contains a single link or a line with web-size sources. And this is really a big problem due to large amount of wasted paper. Green Cloud Printer is developed for preventing such problems cause and economize paper and printer ink at home or in the office.

Green Cloud Print Program Description

As far as you understand this software is eco-friendly and more than that lets you to save your money.

Green Cloud Printer integrates with any device and printers. There are no complex and complicated settings, just before printing in computer settings you need to replace your standard printer with Green Cloud Printer and in program interface you state your standard printer. But you shouldn’t do these manipulations every time you use printer, program saves all settings.

Green Cloud Printer allows to save chosen files for printing in PDF format, send them via Email and save in Dropbox and GoogleDocs. Also you can delete separate pages not only in the beginning or at the end, you also can distract pages from the file middle. Such function is very useful and not many program do allow to do so.

Technical specifications:

Version: Green Cloud Printer
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Obviousides
System: Windows
Program size: 16.2 Mb

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