iColorFolder Program

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iColorFolder 1.4.2 – free program for decorating OS interface that simplifies work with files and folders.

iColorFolder Program Description

This program lets to change color of any folder in Windows OS. Think of how many times you confuse the folders and lose your time for searching the needed one. Especially this program will be useful for those who what hundred folders with files. iColorFolder Program can visually divide and structure folders.

It is much more comfortable and simple to work with large amount of folders when they are differently colored.

Program is also useful in case computer is used by several people, and in order to highlight own folders you can color them with different colors. Also you can highlight folders that shouldn’t be deleted or edited.

After installation iColorFolder integrates into Windows Exlorer. For changing the folder color you simply need to set the color in context menu, after that your folder will be painted in chosen color.

iColorFolder is very light program and mostly does not consume system resources.

Technical specifications:

Version: iColorFolder 1.4.2
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: iColorFolder
System: Windows All
Program size: 1.8 / 7.4 Mb

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