Impressive Explorer Windows Program

Download Immersive Explorer 1.3.4 for free

Immersive Explorer 1.3.4 – light files manager and an alternative program to standard Windows Explorer.

Program interface is done in MetroUI style and is suitable for al Windows versions ranging from Vista.

Immersive Explorer Program Description

ImmersiveExplorer is a file manager for managing your files and folders. This program is completely different to usual explorer we are used to.

As we all have notices Windows 8 OS has many disadvantages including dividing system into two “world”, first one is standard and usual to use and second one is Windows 8. So developer of Immersive Explorer (Julien Manici) decided to create a new application that would adjust your mind in a new way of Windows 8 OS.

When you open Immersive Explorer for the first time you see the start page where you can place tabs. Here tabs look more like icons and exist for the fast access to a certain folder, disk, device or other elements.

There are no specific functions that would differentiate Immersive Explorer from other similar applications. It can do everything what a standard file manager does: create, delete, copy, remove, cut, open and other standard actions. A single distinguishing feature is an audio player and image viewer. It means that ImmersiveExplorer lets to listen to music and watch photos without closing the program.

Immersive Explorer is a small application and is able to work with all Windows OS versions. If you are ready for modern Windows design and colorful blocks please download Immersive Explorer using links below.

Technical specifications:

Version: Immersive Explorer 1.3.4
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Julien Manici
System: Windows ALL
Program size: 850 Кb

Download Immersive Explorer 1.3.4 for free from official web-site


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