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Internet Connections Manager NetWorx 6.1.1 Free Download

Internet Connections Manager NetWorx 6.1.1 – free software for managing all Internet connections and broadcasting speed.

Utility scans wired and wireless connections.

If you need to control your home network or Internet network connections in the office you can download absolutely free NetWorx Software.

NetWorx Internet Connections Manager Description

Utility provides users with statistics on network connections, you can create a report about all downloads, inbound and outbound traffic. You can analyze traffic of each network user separately, such function is very useful in the office when several employees use a single computer. All reports can be printed and viewed in XLS (Excel), DOC (Word), HTML (Browser).

NetWorx Software tests the network by built-in utilities (such as netstat). With such tests you can define applications that use Internet Connection and thus you can detect spyware and strange connections. You can check the real download speed and whether your Internet provider fulfills duties stated in the contract.

NetWorx enables internet connection switch off. For example you can limit Internet traffic to 3 GB of downloaded data and when user exceeds this limit Internet connection is getting blocked.

You can download NetWorx absolutely for free using link below. There is no hidden ads and registration.

Technical specifications:

Version: NetWorx 6.1.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: SoftPerfect
System: Windows
Program size: 7.5 MB

Download NetWorx 6.1.1 for free from official web-site


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