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Download Free Text Editor with Code Backlit Komodo Edit 9.1

Komodo Edit 9.1 – is a free code editor with support for multiple programming languages.

Editor has different themes, supports installation of third-party plug-ins as well as remote code editing.

Free text editor or code editor by ActiveState is being developed for many years. Company developer develops different software, ranging from anti-virus and ending with text editors. Komodo Edit 9 is designed on Mozilla engine and is distributed under Mozilla Public License. So you can download and use text editor for free.

Komodo Edit Features

This code editor is a cross-platform software, that means it can be used with different operating systems. It can work with Windows, Linux and OSX. Editor gives you ability to install third-party plug-ins that will help you make from the usual editor a free IDE. In addition, there are many plug-ins that are capable to make your life and work easier.

In addition to plug-ins, macros and snippets are also supported, what also makes it easier for the developer. Macros and snippets you will need to create by yourself. Code editor Komodo Edit supports number of scripting languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, RUBY, also HTML5 and CSS3. Each language has code completion function: when you start to write the phrase – system automatically offers to complete it. It greatly accelerates the development process.

Great thing about Komodo Edit is a remote code editing via SFTP. This feature highlights Komodo Edit among others free text editor.

Komodo Edit Text Editor Interface

Its interface is very flexible and can be individually configured. There is support for different color schemes. By default, Komodo Edit has two interface color schemes – light gray and dark. You can also edit color scheme of syntax highlighting.

All editable files are opened in tabs. There are projects panel and guide of the operating system directory.

Technical specifications:

Version: Komodo Edit 9.1
Status: Freeware
Language: English
Developer: ActiveState
System: All

Download Komodo Edit 9 for Windows for free

Download Komodo Edit 9 for OSX for free 

Download Komodo Edit 9 for Linux for free


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