MadTracker DJ Program

Download MadTracker 2.61 for free

MadTracker 2.61 – free program for creating music.

If you want to become a DJ and create own tracks you can download MadTracker Program and start doing so just right now.

Modern music mostly in all cases is created on computer. Nowadays each user can create a track just being at home and sitting in front of the computer. You also can become a DJ with MadTracker Program that you can download for free from this web-site.

MadTracker Program Description

One of the most important program features is availability of samples, music patterns that you can use while creating a track. MadTracker contains more than hundreds of such short tools sets. It is not a big number but keep in mind that this program is totally free. When you click on any elements it is automatically played so that you can immediately hear what you want to use for your tracks and what elements are not suitable. It is really comfortable feature that saves your time.

If you are not satisfied with MadTracker basic set of tools you can extend it with additional modules. Such modules provide you with new tools (free and on playing basis), tools that you should pay for are developed by third-party developers. So you can make this program to work according to your preferences and wishes.

For editing your audio tacks MadTracker provides a wide range of mixers, equalizers and other modules. Also there is a metronome that you can use for beating the time.

Technical specifications:

Version: MadTracker
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: MadTracker
System: Windows
Program size: 14 Mb

Download MadTracker 2.61 for free without registration


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