Memtest86+ Utility

Download Memtest86+ 5.0.1 for free

Memtest86+ 5.0.1 – free program for testing computer memory storage.

Program checks existence of harmed blocks.

Time to time you should scan and check your computer system. It is better to define some errors before they turn to problems. You risk to lose your precious information and data if you do not scan computer system, problems with computer can occur any time especially when you use your computer every day.

Memtest86+ Program Description

First of all, program is portable, so you should not install it on your computer. Besides that program does not even need OS, because program starts before OS is loaded. After you switch on computer you will see a blue screen – please do not be afraid it is a normal program mode.

Memtest86+ records its testing data in computer working storage by stages. With some special tools program reads recorded data and compares control sums of recorded and received results. In case control sums coincide – working storage block or sector works in an excellent way, in case sums do not coincide – program fixes and takes it into consideration while forming a result.

If computer working storage is harmed at any moment computer can break down. Of course you can lose all information and data you keep on computer forever. We recommend to test all computer elements in order not to lose any of your needed and precious information.

Technical specifications:

Version: Memtest86+ 5.0.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Samuel
System: Windows All
Program size: 8.2 Mb

Download Memtest86+ for free from official web-site



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