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Download MyChat 5.16 for free

MyChat Client 5.16 – free program for chatting within local and corporate networks.

This free chat lets you to transfer messages and files.

In each company, in each office people need an ability to freely communicate with each other, and since we all are used to communicate with short messages the best option is to use chat or messenger. In most cases people cannot use social networks due to restricted access, so in the office we can use an independent messenger and one of such programs is MyChat Messenger.

MyChat Program Description

This software is developed according to client-server technologies, and it is what lets program to work with any network (local and global).

MyChat lets to send messages to users who are not online. When you send a message or file it is automatically saved to the server and only after message is read it can be deleted from the server. File sending process is the same as you send a simple message, also you can insert different images to your messages.

Also MyChat Messenger lets you to block and ban some users and spam. You can ban users by IP, MAC-adress and UIN. Besides addresses filters there are some other filters available.

Also there is a function of web-chatting where all users can chart all together using a single chart window.

Technical specifications:

Version: MyChat Client 5.16
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: NSS
System: Windows All
Program size: 41 MB

Download MyChat Client 5.16 for free and without registration


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