NERO Wave Audio Editor

Download Nero Wave Editor 15.0.6000 for free

Nero Wave Editor 15.0.6000 – program for editing audio files.It contains large set of different tools and filters which are often required while editing.

Sometimes you need to cut, cut a part or edit some audio file. For example you want to create a ringtone for your mobile phone. You can easily do so with Nero Wave Editor.

Nero Wave Editor Description

Main window has a text menu which is located at the top. Below menu there is a toolbar. Each tool is presented in the form of a button with appropriate icon. Most necessary tools are handed in this panel. Then there is a window of visual display of the audio file sound vibrations. Here is also a time scale and scale of the sound level in DB.

Nero Wave Editor supports most common audio editors functions. For example: copy, cut and paste sound fragment. It is possible to record your own track and insert it automatically. Also, you can make attenuation or manifestation of the sound track quite easily.

In addition, Nero Wave Editor supports a lot of different filters that can improve sound quality audio file. For example filters of noise reduction or extrapolation range. Plus there is a large number of effects that can be easily impose on the track: chorus, echo, delay, phaser, bending heights, doppler and others.

In terms of tools, here you can use equalizer and adjust sound as you wish. You can remove high and low frequencies or another way round.

Technical specifications:

Version: Nero Wave Editor 15.0.6000
Language: Engish
Status: Freeware
Developer: NERO
System: Windows All
Program size: 2.9 MB

Download Nero Wave Editor for free from official web-site


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