NirCMD Program

Download NirCmd 2.80 for free

NirCmd 2.80 – free program for computer work automatization.

Program lets you to set up  hot keys for commands and tasks on your computer.

Frequent computer use leads to searching the way how to simplify, enhance and speed up our daily work on a computer. It takes a lot of time to adjust computer settings for yourself every time you use it in case a single computer is used by several users. In this case it is better to set up hotkeys for the commands and tasks you want your computer to perform – it can significantly economize your time.

NirCmd Program Description

Program is specially developed for automatization and simplifying computer management with Windows OS.

Utility works on a background mode. This program lets you carry out such system tasks – change the screen brightness, sound volume, display switch off, open the disk drive and many other functions. For inserting the task to the program you should use the command line. During NirCmd installation you will get instructions with description of all program functions. For the first time you will need such instructions, because NirCmd Program contains lots of functions and commands.

NirCmd Program is also useful for IT administrators, program lets to manage remote computers. Also there is a function of applying changes in the computers parameters simultaneously.

Technical specifications:

Version: NirCmd 2.80
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: NirSoft
System: Windows All
Program size: 119 / 150 Mb

Download NirCmd 2.80 x32 for free from official web-site

Download NirCmd 2.80 x64 for free from official web-site


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