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Orbitum Browser 41 – is a special browser, which is ideal for work and communication in the most popular social networks.

It is specifically designed for people who spend all their time in social networks. With Orbitum Browser you do not need to keep social networks in open tabs, because you will always be in touch with friends.

Modern Orbitum Browser is designed and developed on the basis of the most popular Chromium Browser engine which Google Chrome also has. This means that design, speed and basic functionality of the browser does not differ from Google. Orbitum Browser can be downloaded for free.

So what’s so special? Browser has a built-in multi-client for popular social networks: VK.com and Facebook. When you open this browser for the first time, it will ask you to log in at least one of the social networks. After logging in a small box that displays your friends will appear. With this unit, you can chat with friends and for example read posts in forums without switching between tabs. You don’t need to keep tabs with social networks open using this browser. There is a feature which is called “Random Charting”. You can communicate with a person whom Orbitum will randomly choose for you. Using this feature you can make new and interesting acquaintances.

Orbitum Browser is also suitable for those who just listen to music in social networks. This browser provides ability to play your music playlist or music of your friends from the social networks. Thus, you can use Orbitum Browser as an audio player. It supports all features that VK.com and Facebook have.

You have an opportunity to choose a background image provided by Orbitum Browser or you can download one you like. Plus, you can run a slideshow on the browser background. This idea is implemented as a desktop background in Windows Operating System, except that picture of your choice can be temporarily fixed.

Orbitum Bowser will ask you to go through registration, as any other browser which is built on Chromium basis. Registration is needed in order to create your account on Orbitum server and to store information for further browser synchronization on other devices.

Technical specifications:

Version: Orbitum Browser 41.0.2272.171
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Orbitum
System: Windows All
Program size: 303 Kb

Download Orbitum Browser 41 for free from official web-site


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