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Panda Free Antivirus 18.0.4 Download For Windows

Panda Free Antivirus –best free antivirus for home computers. Panda Antivirus does not slow down system work and does not require regular updates.

Panda Security developers are working hard on their antivirus and release more and more versions of the product. On 3 rd of March  updated version has been released, which can be downloaded for free for non-commercial use.  Designers of this new version were definitely inspired by Metro Style by Microsoft, since all links and buttons are similar to Windows 8. Interface is bright, clear and easy. In general, new antivirus by Panda Security is only a “thin client” – it is due to the fact that it works on technology of cloud antivirus. All signature databases are downloaded to the cloud, and antivirus client only refers to the server and uses data stored in order to detect threats. This method of virus protection ensures minimal load on user’s computer. In addition, it ensures functioning of so-called “collective intelligence.”  All users of Panda Free Antivirus are associated with a single database located in the cloud. And if at any computer previously unknown threat is detected, server database is updated at the same time and your antivirus already knows about this threat. This scheme allows faster functioning of all other antivirus programs for detecting and responding to security threats and does not require any daily database updates, as they are located on remote servers.

Panda Free Antivirus includes cloud antivirus protection against rootkits, spyware detection algorithm and heuristic analyzer.

The only disadvantage of Panda Cloud Antivirus is that it needs a stable connection to the Internet. Developers say that program works the same in online and offline modes, but it’s still better with Internet connection.

One of the advantages is that it’s easy, fast response to new and unknown threats, no need to update program.

Technical specifications:

Version: Panda Antivirus 18.0.4
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Panda Security
System: Windows
Program size: 55.8 Mb

Panda Antivirus Free 18.0.4 Download


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