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Paragon Partition Manager 14 Free – free program for managing hard drive and its partitions, utility lets add space on C disk and create local drive partition.

Function of hard drive memory repartition is not frequently used, but still there are some situations when it is a single way to prevent system reinstallation and removal of already existed partitions what leads to full information loss. In order to save your data and time you can use ParagonPartitionManager.

Paragon Partition Manager Description

Disk space partitions manager lets to create more space on your local drives, for example to increase C disk capacity. Sometimes it happens when you buy a new laptop and its system drive memory is enough only for installing OS and other system applications, but you cannot install any additional software due to disk memory lack. In such cases you can also use Paragon Partition Manager.

It is very simple to use this program. Please note: if you want to increase a disk size most probably you will need to decrease size of another disk. For example to increase C disk space you need to decrease D disk space, so you need to take away from one disk and add to another one.

For changing the local drive size you need to proceed – Master/Additional Functions/Disk Space Repartitioning. After that you will see a modal window where you can repartition local drives by steps. First of all you need to choose disk for adding memory to, then you choose disk where to take this memory from, quantity memory you state in kilobytes. By the way you can take memory away from several disks so you can add even more memory to chosen disk. Then you press “DONE” and reboot you computer if needed.

Paragon Partition Manager lets to do such manipulations: create partition, delete partitions or format partitions. Also you can recover data or zip whole disks.

Technical specifications:

Version: Paragon Partition Manager 14
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Paragon
System: Windows All
Program size: 48 / 51 Мb

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